This wedding has eye and lip glitter and a few outfit changes…braze yourselves!

A little while back I photographed a City Wedding and Julian happened to be the bestman of the groom. A few years on and they get in touch to book me for their wedding in the City and gosh I’m really lost for words but it was so much fun. You guys ROCKED your wedding.

Sophie and Julian’s wedding included two wedding dresses and two groom outfits (well done both). The crazy good mix of traditional being Julian’s Norwegian heritage and the very alternative Sophie who does not follow convention was the perfect example of two individuals bringing their loves to a celebration and doing things their way, like all the way!

Sophie’s white dress was found thrifting in New York markets whilst traveling and as the dress was too short for her she opted to keep to Jimmy Choo sandals. Her makeup included Swarowski eye makeup and glitter lips.

Hope you feel the positive happy vibes in their wedding images captured.


Neda xx

Sydney Wedding Photographer