Wedding Photography Brighton | This is the story how Amie &Joe rocked Brighton on their Wedding Day!

Wedding Photography Brighton | This is the story how Amie &Joe rocked Brighton on their Wedding Day!

wow what a journey.

I met joe & amie awhile back, very organised and laidback they were steaming ahead with their wedding preparation. Not only were they laidback they were incredibly positive and close to an outburst (and I mean a burst) of laughter at any moment. Together they were so many things crazy, funny, caring, enthusiastic, loving, quirky, in love with life and ragingly mad! I loved them!

The journey to get to joe & amie’s wonderful wedding day had been a very emotional one. Especially the last few weeks and they both had been dealing with amie’s mum not being able to attend the wedding due to her health. But, with some incredibly wonderful friends made it possible for Debbie to stream in at every moment possible by the internet. If how you deal with difficult moments is the true reflection of you as a person then this is awe inspiring – if you were there you would understand. Why do I mention this, well this is life as life is, for better for worse. that is the depth of the determination and one of the many things that make this family so wonderful. They are such fab unit and the depth of love, respect and the care for each other is warming.

This is not about me. but it was an emotional day. hard not to be touched by all of this and not show it as not to upset anyone. There were tears.  There were moments I had to travel in my mind to my Pilates instructor (who is crazy in less fortunate ways) and remind myself to ‘zip it up’.

In true joe & amie spirit their wedding was just amazing. Amie walked down to Brown Eyed Girl, singing and guests clapping, bursting into laughter and tears of happiness. Surprised – yes but not really this was their day in true joe & amie spirit so made total sense – but fab surprise nonetheless.

The ceremony was funny, emotional and I loved the celebrant she was just gorgeous! And once wed amie did a happy dance and it was all very sweet. joe’s expression totally priceless.

the party was a proper dance off and it was great to see everyone let their hair down and shake their booties for a mad fun boogey.

this is the story of how joe & amie rocked brighton.