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How to start planning your Wedding Day CelebrationBy a Wedding Photographer who just got married!

How to start planning your Wedding Day Celebration


Congratulations on your engagement, I guess you’re thinking “now what”!

Here are my Wedding Planning Tips to get you in the right direction…

A little background

Jonny and I got married in May 2017 in Marrakesh, Morocco. In terms of our day, we wanted a relaxed, magical day that was fun and had a little bit of adventure to it. As both Jonny and I love travelling and getting to know people from all walks of life, we thought Marrakesh could offer all we could hope for. It also helped that Jonny flew to Marrakesh last year when I was photographing a wedding and surprised me by proposing! It seemed like the perfect location for us as it meant a great deal to us.

My advice: choose the words that would describe the feel of your wedding day

This will help you break down your vision of the wedding the two of you would love to have. Once you know the feeling and the words that would describe it, you can then decide on a venue, stationery, dress code and even the cake you want. It’ll help you in your conversations, for instance with wedding planners to help them with the vision and planning of your dream day. Jonny and I had Relaxed-Magical-Celebratory-Adventure.

What does your word mean for your day?

A relaxed wedding can be entirely different to a formal traditional day and of course, everything in terms of suppliers would reflect that. The best way to choose the words is to think how you describe your partner and vice versa, this way the wedding you’ll have reflects you two. Words might look like this: Artistic-Fun-Hippy-Colourful or Modern-Minimalist-Thoughtful.

Your words will also mean different things for your guests. A Modern-Thoughtful wedding may include special individual notes for every guest, or a Colourful-Fun couple might have a strong colour themed wedding asking all their guest to wear hot pink! Make your wedding day YOURS.

The great thing about knowing the feel of your day is that it is a great compass when you get bogged down with decisions. You can then stop and ask – “does this fit with our relaxed bohemian wedding day reflecting our love for our family and travelling”? The answer will help you along the way as you will get lost, but trust me whatever happens make the journey a good one.

What are you waiting for!

Put your shoes on, walk hand in hand to your favourite place and write down the words that describe your partner and then swap with one another. Make it a fun coffee date y’all and you are on your way to a great start to your wedding planning!


Neda xx