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Lifestyle Wedding Photographer

I am a Lifestyle Wedding Photographer, and I would describe it as a modern take on documentary photojournalism which has been a little redefined. Although the style is documentary and candid I do it with some direction and styling to help my clients – this is to ensure it has an endearing feel and we get beautiful results.

I look at my couple’s timeline and so that I know when to expect the moments that are important to capture but I also look at the location and see what I can do that is a bit more special to add to their day (for example if I’m in France I may suggest we stop at a Vineyard along the way). I always want to do a ‘kidnap session’ of 10 minutes around sunset to get those glorious golden light shots, but also because I know my couples love to get away for a few minutes together – regardless of the weather.

The results are endearing beautiful moments my couples will print and put up on their walls, and cherish for a lifetime.

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