Setareh & Anders| Stockholm Wedding at Junibacken and Skansen

February 10, 2015

London Wedding Photographer’s dream.

Setareh & Anders| Stockholm Wedding at Junibacken and Skansen

Firstly I want to start by thanking Setareh and Anders for choosing me as their photographer. Wow! What an absolute pleasure – you two rock! I couldn’t have dreamt about shooting such a beautifully cool wedding in Stockholm, Sweden and certainly not at Skansen and Junibacken. These are Stockholm’s most beautiful areas, they are just a must for any visitor. For a London Wedding Photographer from Sweden it was a real treat. Setareh and Anders were such a relaxed and fun couple it made the job so much easier.  And an additional big heartfelt thank you to Jonny Horsley who supported me as second shooter and did a brilliant job – it completely blew me away. The couple have now some really cool shots and angles.

Junibacken is a fairy tale place where you are taken on a journey through the amazing Astrid Lindgren’s stories. You can really play in this world of story tales as the place is literally where stories come to life. You’ll spot Pippi Longstocking’s house, Mr Nilsson and her horse Lilla Gubben and so much more.

Skansen is an outdoor museum with animals from the Swedish wild,  old buildings to make Sweden’s history come to life and lots of fun activities all in in the middle of Stockholm. The moose do not disappoint!

We started the day visiting Anders as he got ready at their beautiful flat, full of fantastic little details (he proudly told me how Setareh has a good eye for decorating!). His crew surrounded Anders and you could tell he has a really good bond with them all, sharing little jokes and playfulness whilst they all got ready.

Next, we entered a lovely room at the Clarion Hotel with lots of natural light that photographers adore. A room full of beautiful and lovely ladies and lots of love and anticipation. Setareh was calm and graceful as always and her bridesmaids helpful and buzzing.

The boy’s portrait session was taken at Skansen next to Seglora Church whilst we waited for Setareh to arrive for her and Anders’ ‘First Look’. First look is a session for couples to meet in a secluded area and see one another for the first time before they walk down the aisle. Setareh’s stunning dress was beautiful and she looked a part of the story tale fairy wedding she was about to have.

The church was filled with loved ones who had travelled from different parts of the world to take part. Setareh and Anders walked hand in hand down the aisle together – it makes me teary to think about that every time, what a lovely thing to do. The music by Eric Runeson from Menace Music was breathtakingly beautiful. The Vicar was such a cool woman with amazing passion (as well as some killer heels) as she blessed Setareh and Anders.

The big party was at Junibacken. Guests were taken on a train journey through Astrid Lindgren’s stories and arrived in a beautiful room to lovely drinks and canapés. Guest of all ages went on exploring Pippi’s house and taking in the view. The evening offered 19 speeches (hilarious and some outrageously funny), games where Setareh was kissed by most men in the room at least 3-5 times (each queued their turn) and lots of tears from the beautiful words people shared about the couple.

The evening took off even more when the band started with the first dance and when the guests joined in they all rocked the floor. Jonny and I stayed until 2am as guests insisted that we lay down our cameras and join them for a good old boogie- and we could only honourably oblige!

What a fantastic wedding. BIg thanks to Mathilder Hylander at Beauty By Tilder.