Bec & Steph Rocking London Engagement Photography Session

Bec and Steph’s London engagement photography session included many highlights. From a selfish point of view, it is always fantastic to spend time with people you genuinely think are hilarious. The photography session day was filled with smiles, laughter and giggles. All couples have an echosystem, their little world of jokes, banter, sweet lovely comments and its just nice to be part of that. In other words Bec and Steph are a right hoot! Their long standing rivalry around best band, that is Beatles or Rolling Stones…well its a crack up watching them debating that one haha. 

Bec from the land downunder – Australia and Steph from France planned their engagement photography session with me through We gathered lots of ideas and built it around their Date-Trail. Where they met for their first date, where they walked (tres romantic) and their favourite iconic London places. 

We squeezed in time to create Save the Date photographs to use as well for their wedding website and invitation cards. 

London had the most amazing crisp sky but boy was it bitterly cold. A big thank you to Bec and Steph who brought an uplifting and fun spirit! I can not wait for your Wedding in South of France in September. Yee-Haaaa!!!!

Your are a gorgeous couple and you two truly ROCK!